Who We Are

Success in business, as in life, is determined by the quality of our relationships.

BFO Consulting provides the key to unlock what moves and motivates you, as well as how the dynamics between individuals and teams can produce magic.

The BFO Consulting team also generates its own alchemy. Leveraging the strengths of each individual, we form a winning combination specifically to suit your needs. We have a strong background in strategic planning, facilitation, communications, business financial assessment, mediation, and change management for both small and large corporate systems.

What sets our team apart?
  • Our spirit of integrity and fair play
  • Our clear focus and sense of humour
  • Our cross-section of expertise and powerful gifts for understanding human dynamics
  • Our passion for bringing out the very best in people and organizations.

With BFO, assets are “things”…but people create miracles!

Bill Chalmers

I am a crucible for numinous manifestation…

With effortless curiosity I engage my playfulness, imaginuity, wisdom, grace, and ease, to embrace and engage outrageous opportunities and unreasonable possibilities.

As an author and highly sought-after speaker, seminar leader, facilitator, strategist, and corporate coach, Bill speaks with substance, brilliance, and sometimes frightening candor—but always with his clients’ best interests at heart. He has gained the respect of business and not-for-profit communities with his resourceful insight into the communication dynamics of people within varied organizational structures.

Building on over five decades of successful entrepreneurial ventures in Land Development, Construction, Real Estate, Retail, Manufacturing (food, fabricating, systems, and others), Packaging and People Delivery, Bill dedicates himself to making a difference in the arenas of Corporate Leadership, Transformational Change, and Strategic Planning and Management, as well as not-for-profit Board Development, here and across the globe.

Bill’s irreverent humour, open generosity, and inspirational charisma are foundations for his delivery of over-the-top results with clients and colleagues alike. He helps individuals and groups face up to difficult issues, bring concerns out into the open for discussion, look for more than one solution, and learn to “lighten up” and enjoy life while being committed to meeting corporate and personal objectives. Alive with infectious energy, common-sense practicality, and caring insight, Bill’s big-picture approach invites people to exceed their expectations and achieve new heights of satisfaction, joy, and peace.

Esther Sarlo

I am a voice for the body’s role in healing and wholeness in the universe

From an open heart, I intentionally create pathways for authenticity and abundance

As a passionate advocate for clear, authentic communication, Esther is a facilitator, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who consistently captures the essence of an idea and translates it into crisp, accessible language…with heart. Her rich and eclectic background in Sales, Event Management, Freelance Writing, Youth and Family Counselling, Musical Performance, Movement, and MC’ing provides the bedrock for her dedication to helping people live their most authentic lives and speak with confidence, clarity, and passion.

Facilitator and Connector Extraordinaire she brings a fresh perspective, an intuitive understanding, and a clear eye to the table. With a compassionate and engaging presence, Esther weaves intuition and grounded wisdom to shine light into shadowy places.

A deep connection to body-mind-spirit, a sense of humour, and an ongoing commitment to her own personal evolution inform Esther’s approach. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for life create safety and calm while inviting you to step directly into your own magnificence…and unleash new possibilities for creativity and transformation. Esther loves providing opportunities for people to live their healthiest and most optimal lives.

She is currently in the collaborative process of building an online hub that will help people around the world easily find the right complementary and integrative health practitioners and solutions for their particular health issues. Given the countless stories that Esther has witnessed and heard about, she is enthusiastically positive that this project will, ultimately, be an immense service to people everywhere. Check out www.myndmyself.com.


“Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later,
if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?”—Fanny Brice

“Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself!”–Anonymous

Graham Snowden

Graham’s purpose is to be a constant & expanding example of what is achievable. He is constantly seeking ways to experience more. You can find him scaling mountain tops in the Pacific Northwest, galloping on horseback through Botswana’s Okavango Delta, exploring cave systems in Southeast Asia, adventuring across Europe, running through remote jungles in Central America, paddle boarding in volcanic lakes, or getting too close to animals in Yellowstone National Park.

Graham loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme. He is a sports philanthropist having competed in some of the world’s most gruelling endurance races for various charities. To date, he has led teams to fundraise a combined total over $1.4 million in 10 years.

He became a Certified High Performance Coach through the #1 coach in the world. Graham’s expertise and emphasis on leadership have resulted in leading the marketing and e-commerce for the #1 fitness company in Western Canada; leading the sales & marketing strategy for the #1 real estate marketing agency in North America; consulting for the #1 International Ski Destination and #1 international running race series in the world on their sales, marketing, and strategic revenue partnerships.

Every day, Graham strives to live into three words:
  • empathetic (adj.) suspending our egos to understand the perspectives, needs and intentions of others
  •  leader (n.) practice of inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more
  •  livsnjutare (n.) one who loves life deeply and lives it the extreme (it’s Swedish and pronounced “leafs-new-tar-ee”)

Graham invites you into greatness. His unique ability to understand, engage, elevate, challenge and support delivers remarkable results for his clients in all key areas of their life: lifestyle, relationships & family, career & business, physical & mental health. By fully committing to working with Graham you will experience higher levels of focus, clarity, courage, energy, influence and purpose.