Board Development

A Board of Directors can be…

          Frustrating, painful, and annoying


          Exciting, free-flowing, powerful, and results-oriented.

With your Board right now, how’s it going?

Our successful work with Boards is based on Passion for Excellence Objectives and draws from Peter Drucker’s and John Carver’s work, as well as our own Transformational Planning Model®.

“You told us up front that you ‘wouldn’t pull punches’ when working with us. You didn’t. Some of us were uncomfortable as we looked at the processes within our organization.
For most of the Board, the feeling of being uncomfortable has passed.
What is important is the result…and do we have results!”

We guide and direct Boards to create effective and “doable” plans for strategic, tactical and operational goals, objectives and outcomes. Mixed and matched to meet your specific needs, we assist you with: 

      • Transformational Planning®
      • Accountability Plans®
      • Defining and implementing effective Board functioning
      • Recruitment and orientation of new Board members
      • Development and self-appraisal of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers
      • Performance Evaluations for your CEO or Executive Director
      • Comparison of Board and Staff responsibilities
      • Classification and development of committees
      • Creating and building agendas
      • Setting the Board Calendar
      • Policy Development
      • Building a Board Manual
      • Strategic Management

If you’d like to harness your Board’s collective IQ, call us!