Change Management

Although change work encounters constant resistance, is messy and, at times, indefinable, “Living Systems” always prevail.

Fundamental to any workplace change process is emotional safety.

Effective organizational change comes from being grounded in an absolute safety for expressing your truth. It also depends on your willingness to step outside your comfort zones and declare your upsets, gripes, challenges, and initiatives. We expect to hear creative thoughts and ideas that might previously have been considered “corporate heresy”.

Bridges, Lewins, Hall, Kubler-Ross, Covey, Peters, Senge, and Chilton-Pearse’s work in “Managing Change” and “Organizational Renewal” are remarkable. We intentionally blend and borrow from those, and other models, to match the right strategies for your specific needs.

Together we discover greater possibilities and more effective outcomes than would be attainable if you adhered to a single-solution model.

“A system innovator, not just a system fixer.”

Our Change Management processes guide improvement and transformation in all of us as we challenge ourselves personally and corporately. We do not offer you a two-day workshop or a 120-page textbook. Rather, we teach the concept of learning as a way of life.

Action is Key—without it, all creation and planning would be for naught.

In the spirit of “kaizen”—constant and never-ending improvement—we create processes together whereby you can test yourself, enjoy yourself, set attainable targets, reach realistic goals, and create mutual accountability.