Corporate Leadership Coaching

We take you beyond the extraordinary.

The primary objective for all our coaching is to help you achieve balance in:

  • Relationships
  • Financial Management
  • Spiritual Congruence
  • Intellectual Development
  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Well-being

Each of these elements must have a sense of synchronicity before coaching has the desired effect. If you are willing to look at all these pillars in your life AND take action…then we are the coaches for you.

“You shone the torch, we found the way”
Kinsmen Club of Greater Vancouver

Three differences in our coaching work.

First Difference

We do not coach you if…

  • We don’t get along (this is a “simpatico thing”—we will be “hanging out” and fully engaging in deep, sometimes uncomfortable conversations and there must be mutual respect and a willingness to hear),
  • We do not have experience with, exposure to or an understanding of your discipline, business line, or industry,
  • What is being requested is unethical or breaches our mutual values.

Second Difference

  • We do not impose boiler-plate fill-in forms to track your performance.
  • We work with you on an individual basis so you can achieve your objectives, goals, and outcomes.
  • You will stand in your power, declare who you are, and live into your potential.

Third Difference

  • Our work is not based on hourly rates.
  • We look at your big picture—what you really want to achieve, improve, increase, change, or modify.
  • Together we establish the “value” of that achievement and agree on how that value will be executed. 

WE clarify your homework and assignments—YOU DO your homework.

The results speak for themselves.